The latest from Sophie Barnes


The winner of December’s monthly giveaway is Jeanna Massman. Congratulations & Happy New Year!


The winner of November’s monthly giveaway is Ruth Ann Campbell. Congratulations!


The Townsbridge prequel is now available for FREE!


If you’re looking for a Halloweenish book to enjoy this weekend, Wicked Liaison is still available, both in e-book and in print.

In terms of writing, I am now working on the eighth book in The Diamonds in the Rough series. After mostly editing last month, it’s great to be putting a story together again and being a bit more creative. I’ve missed it!

Also in the news, Once Upon a Townsbridge Story is being formatted at the moment, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to announce its release next week – I’ll be sure to keep you posted. And as we say goodbye to October and move into November, I’ll be gearing up for the release of The Formidable Earl on November 17th with tour dates and additional giveaways to come.


The fourth book in the Townsbridge series, A Duke for Miss Townsbridge, is now available in e-book format (print to come). 

This book follows Sarah Townsbridge’s romance with the Duke of Brunswick , a man whose tragic past has caused him to turn away from love. The problem of course, is that Sarah is precisely what he needs and not falling in love with her will be quite impossible. 

In honor of this new release I’m hosting a giveaway. Just click HERE to enter for a chance to win a $10 Amazon gift card!

Also in the news, Once Upon a Townsbridge Story is almost ready! This book gives an insight to how Margaret and George, the Townsbridge parents, met. It’s in the final rounds of edits now so it won’t be long before I can release it (for free), but due to its length, it will only be available in ebook format until I put out the Townsbridge anthology next year, where it will be included as a prologue.

However, PAPERBACK lovers should be happy to know that Wicked Liaison is available in PRINT for a LIMITED TIME! Please click HERE to order your copy of this 800+ page romance collection today!

In terms of work, this past week I’ve been editing the seventh book in my Diamonds in the Rough series. Her Scottish Scoundrel is now available for pre-order in ebook format. Print will be added later.


Wicked Liaison has been released in print! This anthology will only be available for a limited time, so if you’d like a copy, please make sure to order before December 1st. 

Click HERE to order your copy of this 800+ page romance collection today